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Neon has a variety of uses and can be a very useful tool in drawing attention to your business. The fabrication of neon is a very skilled process, if not done correctly neon lighting can – burn out, change colors due to temperature change, or look very unprofessional. Our craftsmen are highly trained and experienced and since all of our neon is fabricated in house we can guarantee the quality of our product. Our staff can assist you in the design, fabrication, and installation of any neon need you might have. If you are looking at going with a more energy efficient alternative to neon, we also offer our products in LED’s. We offer the latest in technology when it comes to LED’s. These lights can perform all of the same tasks as neon while using a fraction of the energy! We handle all types of neon and LED projects such as:

  • Exposed Neon/LED Signs
  • Exterior Neon/LED Striping on Buildings
  • Custom Neon/LED Accent Lighting
  • Interior Neon/LED Signs
  • And Much More

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