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Creative Fabrication has become the premier sign company in the St. Louis area. Not only do we provide in-house layout and design services, we manufacture signs, and large banners in our full service sign shop.  Creative Fabrication has helped thousands of business owners bring their St. Louis signs to fruition, providing quality, value and dedicated service throughout each step of the process.

Design Your Sign

Our highly trained Business Development team works hand-in-hand with graphic designers to create beautiful signs at a fair, affordable price.

Fabrication Specialist

We employ a team of highly skilled employees, including designers, craftsmen, engineers and installers, who are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and support.


Call on our professional designers, engineers and installation technicians to create a beautiful, functional, high-quality sign to market and represent your business today!

About Creative Fabrication

Welcome to Creative Fabrication - the premier St. Louis sign company offering custom design, fabrication, installation and maintenance services to businesses across a variety of industries. The professional staff of installation specialist and design experts is here to help you impress your brand! If you're interested in signage, give us a call for a consultation and estimate. You can trust Creative Fabrication to make your signs with our experience we can make your brand stick out.

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Color Change Car Wrap

How much does it cost to wrap a car ?

By 7gfls | July 1, 2016

The Cost Breakdown of A Car Wrap Film: $400-$2500 Install: $1500-$5000+ for a quality installer, sometimes more. It can be found at a cheaper rate but it’s a huge risk! Additional Cost Variables: removal and assembly, prep work required, travel, extra designs and accents, etc. But you’ve heard you can get a paint job for…


When things turn out badly with a vehicle wrap installation, here are the main four reasons why:

By 7gfls | June 10, 2016

Bad Choice Of Film With regards to the establishment of vehicle wraps, all vinyl wrap material is not made equivalent. There are a few levels of value, and diverse vinyl’s for various applications. Picking the wrong film can bring about poor grip to the vehicle surface, rising of vinyl, extreme wrinkles of the film, and…

Car Graphics

Vinyl Car Wraps: See Why You Must Have Yours!

By 7gfls | June 6, 2016

Are you sick of your car looking ordinary? Do you want to be unique and wow everyone with your ride? Do you want your car to be wrapped up with your own imagination? Are you ready to give your competitors a run for their money by turning your business vehicle into a rolling billboard? Then…

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